fontfun: Font of The Week - Silent Reaction

I have been procrastinating like craaaazy, including putting off updating my blogs. I have so many posts planned but life (or laziness) gets in the way. Anyway I was making a simple poster for my friend, and used this, and fell in love. Naming this Font of The Week! Maybe I'll be better in updating my blog at least once a week to do a font of the week. Or maybe I'll also do a makeup item of the week, which will probably be a lipstick hahaha

Silent Reaction is an awesome font for titles, because writing things in title case using it just looks so good. For some reason which I cannot fathom, this reminds me of the movie Drive. Love the capital L. But I kinda hate the fact that it doesn't have any punctuations. No full stops, no commas, no exclamation points! I also dislike the way the 'w' looks. Oh well, it's pretty badass anyway.

You can download Silent Reaction here.