anyway, photoshop keeps me sane.

I really like designing posters. Sometimes I do it for money, for a friend, for fun, or for some event. I'm not saying I'm good at it, but I'm proud of what I've done. Three of my latest works that I love: 


for my friend Abin, for a competition. I made about 3 posters for this project and this is my favorite, it might as well be a t-shirt!

this was done in such short time, I never thought I would love it this much. STUNICA wants me to do an idul fitri poster, and my idea well was dry. suddenly this idea came up, with a quick image search and font picking, voila. one of my favorite works in 2012.


here's to 7 hours in the emergency room.

Here's to 7 hours in the emergency room.

Of course everything just had to happen when my parents arent home and it was just me and my 3 domestic helpers. Mbak Mar, who has been with our family for more than 8 years, had a stroke. The CT showed intracranial bleeding. Slurred speech, rapidly decreasing awareness, vomiting. She lost control of her right side. Suddenly, all my first aid training flew out the window. I suddenly knew nothing. I didnt even remember the recovery position. I tried my best to stay calm and call my friend Mulia, who was on campus, so I was hoping she was with people that can give me some advice. My suspicions of a stroke was confirmed. Called sn ambulance from my mom's hospital, no luck. My driver was out, had to wait. Finally got to the hospital. And things were a blur.

A lot of things hit me throughout the experience, which is not over.
1. However mature I thought i was, i wasn't prepared to make all these decisions. It drained me. I just want to crawl into a hole where no one can talk to me.
2. Networking is of vital importance. Thanks to the friends of my family, mbak Mar got a spot in the ICU with minor nuisances and a minimum amount of money spent.
3. Gotta be nice to everyone, you may never know how they can help you get through life.
4. As medical students, we don't study for ourselves. We study for other people's lives. I will keep that in mind the next time i want to blow off a class or sleep early.

Point number 4 woke me up from the haze that was my first year of medical school. What if someday i couldve saved a life but can't because i dont know shit? What if someday, someone has a heart attack in front of me and i cant do anything because i forgot everything i studied in first aid? 

Shit just got real. 

project 365: day 50

day 50
october 20, 2012
went on a whim and bought this expensive but wildly beautiful book. no regrets.
also the day that changed my life. mbak mar had a stroke, and my weekend turned upside down.

project 365: day 39

day 39
october 19, 2012
manda turns 19. i love my summer fruit EOS lip balm.

project 365: day 48

day 48
october 18, 2012
icha turns 19. i've been together with bram for 3 years and 10 months. and the sky looks beautiful.

project 365: day 47

day 47
october 17, 2012
my favorite pen with its matching notebook.

project 365: day 46

day 46
october 16, 2012
if you look at a slice of your scalp under the microscope, this is how your hair follicle will look like.

project 365: day 45

day 45
october 15, 2012
had to write about skin nutrition.

project 365: day 44

day 44
october 14, 2012
waking up to JNE packages felt like christmas. a sheer liquid lipstick that feels more like a gloss from elf, in a pretty shade called strawberry.

project 365: day 43

day 43
october 13, 2012
my mom and dad departed for hajj.

project 365: day 42

day 42
october 12, 2012
me, rana, cyko, mulia, manda, and icha went swimming today, at an office tower in kuningan. afterwards, we had lunch at white box, a cute menteng bistro. this was mulia's beef stroganoff, which was very delicious.

project 365: day 41

day 41
october 11, 2012
my friend icha brought this curious green lipstick to school. i tried it on, and was completely in love. when you swipe it on, it turns a gorgeous shade of pink. dior addict plaza sort of pink, and very buildable. it's called hare lipstick. icha called it arabian magic.

project 365: day 40

day 40
october 10, 2012
a very rare and quick lunch with mom dad and poeti at kitchenette on a wednesday. this is a mexican tortilla salad, which tastes excellent.

project 365: day 39

day 39
october 9, 2012
was going to face the big exam the next day, so me and the girls went to Tamani Kafe for a lunch study session. thus is our social life.

project 365: day 38

day 38
october 8, 2012
practical exam was coming up and i was this close to giving up. in other news, totally in love with hipstamatic's new film that gives your pictures a hand-drawn marker frame.

project 365: day 37

day 37
october 7, 2012
the afternoon sun was shining through my wall-to-ceiling window

project 365: day 36

day 36
october 6, 2012
a nice saturday, introduced bram to tacos. i was beyond ecstatic to eat tacos again after 2.5 years without any mexican food. this was at taco local, a charming smal mexican joint in pacific place. very hipster, but good food.

project 365: day 35

day 35
october 5, 2012
lunch with cyko and rana at fook yew, a delicious chinese restaurant before cheering bram at the finals of a national architecture competition. so proud of him for being in the top 5.

project 365: day 34

day 34
october 4, 2012
my mom's patient brought these babies back from the US along with two much-treasured bags of hot cheetos

project 365: day 33

day 33
october 03, 2012
coffee bean has an excellent caramel macchiato

project 365: day 32

day 32
october 02, 2012
my little sister's 14th birthday, had a lovely chinese buffet at Table 8

project 365: day 31

day 31
October 01, 2012
learning about speech and language, a very interesting subject


Project 365: 30

September 30, 2012
Senayan in the afternoon.

Project 365: 29

September 29, 2012
Good hair day, with my friends Nindi and Sagoyo

Project 365: 28

September 28, 2012

Project 365: 27

September 27, 2012
A few seconds in the morning staring at my dad's Koi pond.

Project 365: 26

September 26, 2012
Avocado coffee at the excelso, one of my favorite beverages

Project 365: 25

September 25, 2012
Lunch at my favorite wings joint, Four Fingers with my girls, trying to make a social life out of studying

Project 365: 24

September 24, 2012
An old light up toy from Disneyland, a reminder of how beautiful childhood was.

Project 365: 23

September 23, 2012
Had cha soba at Waraku, Grand Indonesia.

Project 365: 22

September 22, 2012
Caesar salad at The Soup Spoon. Was eating alone, trying to get some shots for my portfolio-in-2-weeks project.

Project 365: 21

September 21, 2012
Doing my research proposal about chronic suppurative otitis media and allergic rhinitis.

Project 365: 20

September 20, 2012
The day my BlackBerry died. It just won't finish booting.

Project 365: 19

September 19, 2012
Prescription writing 101: my friend's note.

Project 365: 18

September 18, 2012
I'm such a water snob.

Project 365: 17

September 17, 2012
Late night studying.



I've been obsessing over magazine covers. On Flipboard, I follow this awesome board called Coverjunkie, and it just feeds me with inspiration. They also have an awesome website. I'll try to repost my favorites.

Lana del Rey is so gorgeous. 

This cover took my breath away.

The cover is a play on the concept of cloud storage, and it's very clever.

Makes me want to jump on a plane and go somewhere far.

Font Fun: Lobster 1.4

Lobster just pops.

Font Fun: Coconut Point

The header font for my food blog. Just so cute and tropical.

Font Fun: Claire Hand

Simple, fun handwritten font.

Font Fun: BebasNeue

BebasNeue is handsome.

Font Fun: MankSans

Gorgeous, clean sans-serif. My go-to font.

Project 365: 16

September 16, 2012
What's inside my bag: wallet, phone, favorite blush (Revlon in Pink Blush) and favorite gloss (Revlon ColorBurst in Papaya

Project 365: 15

September 15, 2012
Went photo hunting, very hungry. Attacked a delicious plate of nasi padang at this hole-in-the-wall place across the street from campus.

Project 365: 14

September 14, 2012
Another day at Pacific Place.

Project 365: 13

September 13, 2012
A rare lazy afternoon.