Looks I Love: GAP

GAP is effortless, clean, crisp, basic, and is everything I love. This look is all I want to wear, but wearing a trench in Jakarta is very silly. There is also a denim skirt that is perfect and the cutest flats.
Enough said :')

Looks I Love: J Crew

I have always loved J Crew since my year in the US. I only have one item from them, which is my hip-slung denim shorts I got at their outlet in San Antonio. Yup, couldn't afford their pretty things. But I still scour their site for inspiration. This image is so so so pretty. The make up? Flawless! That sweater is so deliciously colored. What else did I find in their site?

I don't think I would wear this in real life, but this is really retro pretty.

Ugh so in love. If I were that skinny I would wear it in a heartbeat. Love the lemony color in the skirt and bag, fresh and it basically screams spring.

Should really find a yellow skirt and pair it with something striped.

Yeah, I would look that happy too if I'm wearing an outfit that gorgeous.

Perfect weekend outfit. Those heels are so punchy.

Um why isn't that outfit in my closet right now? Very spring.

Something I'd wear everyday to school. Cheeeeeeerful.

Yes, I love J Crew, so much.

Beauty Regimen

When I was a little kid, I looooved silly pink make up. Then in elementary, I loathed everything girly. In junior high, I only wear jeans and t-shirts, had awful hair, and listened to pop punk & screamo (really, Tika, what were you thinking.). In high school, I lost some weight and developed a sense of style. I'm now 19 years old, doing my first year of med school. Contemplated for a long time about wearing make up, experimented for some time, and finally felt comfortable with my beauty routine. I started buying lots of beauty products and read lots of beauty blogs. I learned how to properly apply shadow and mascara. I discovered my favorite products. Look at all those stuff I have! That's like 75% of my collection. It's missing my plethora of lip balms that are scattered in my purses and some shadows that I left in my mom's room. My lip balms need a post of their own.

These are the products I use everyday, my beauty base. I wear these to school too, plus lip balm. Erha sunscreen, Clinique moisturizer gel, Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup, Revlon powder blush in Pink Peony. Yes I use a lot of Clinique, my facial wash is Clinique's Mild Liquid Facial Soap, I have two lipsticks, I used to have a bronzer (it broke. Sad story). I hate the fact that their shops in Jakarta don't carry their full make up line, I would looooove to have their Chubby Sticks and Lid Smoothies. My mom is very strict about using sunscreen, but since she has perfect skin, I'm gonna obey her, so I use this Erha every day and reapply sometimes. The powder fits me perfectly, isn't cakey at all, provide just the right amount of cover and banishes all shine from my face. The blush works wonders on my complexion, looks so natural. My cheeks are naturally blushed a little, so I don't need much blush. But still, in the mornings I look really flat and pale, so the blush is my life saver. I also wear lip balms, I have lots of them. For school, it's usually a Kiehl's tinted lip balm that I keep in my pencil case. But now I have my fabulous Burt's Bees! As I said, my lip products need their own post.

I have lotsssssss of shadow. But I just realized as I was shooting the pictures that I have lots of neutral colors. This is my basic eye routine that I do for going out. NOT school, never school. I don't even wear mascara to school, I just keep my eyes bare. When I go out especially on a date, I apply either one of these colors. The palette on the left hand side is a Revlon, basically pinkish neutrals. The center is Make Up Store's Old Gold. The right one is my new (already a favorite) Topshop Crayon in Sun Showers. With the Revlon, I use all the colors sheer, I love them so much, the colors are purrrfect. I hate too much shadow. All these go on light and pretty. The Old Gold is a dark, subtle gold, that is more suitable for nights. And the crayon is so amazing. I use it like a liner, just on the lower crease of my eyelid, paired with mascara only, nothing more. So summery.
I use two mascaras, the first and more casual and everyday is the Revlon Big Brush. I used Maybelline's Define-A-Lash but I ran out and neither Maybelline Jakarta or Singapore carry it. How sad. The second one that I use for more special occasions is Max Factor's False Lash Effect. It's amazing. I have thin and short lashes (I barely have bottom lashes) and this mascara helps a lot.

I only have one luxury beauty item in my arsenal, and it's this gift from my mom. It's a Dior palette!!!! Aaargh! Look at how pretty it is. A powder (that sadly doesn't match my complexion), a blush (too light for me), eye liners, a DiorShow Mascara (awesome), two lip colors/glosses, and 8 colors of shadow! The shadows are gorgeous. It has this dark gold and my favorite shade of gunmetal gray. The purple is glittery (extra yay) and the white is perfect for highlighting. They stay on forever, and very silky. I only use these once in a while, I prize this palette (naturally. Must've costed a fortune). Thank you mom!

I'll post my lip products someday. They're awesome.


image from ilovetypography.com

Since I was in junior high, I always thought I would go into the creative industry. I dreamed of jobs in fashion, being a stylist or a visual merchandiser, a job that I still covet even now. As I get older, that dream evolved into the desire to dwell in the lovely field of graphic design, advertising, and publication. My love for magazines lead to the dream of becoming an art director. And oh, advertising. The world of ultimate creativity. I still think that advertising is a very intricate field, combining disciplines to create beautiful work. Going to malls, I absolutely love seeing people in coffee shops fiddling with their laptops, creating something pretty, or even meeting with clients and colleagues. They always dress so sharply, yet conveying the image that they are artistic and creative. Now that I am a medical student, I'm still not sure where to put away those dreams. I tried suppressing them, but they'll only come back fiercer. Medicine is far from the dreams I had for years. Even though now I'm starting to realize that I enjoy medical school, I still yearn for all those creative work. 
I can't draw, I can't sketch, I can't illustrate to save my life. Which is sad. So I decided that I will just load my brain with knowledge about art, and curate something, be it a blog or a simple mood board. Will try to dedicate at least an hour in a week for art. Will dedicate holidays for art. And be a good med student/slave always.
Who knows, I might be the doctor who juggles clinical work and curating a gallery.


Being girly?

When I decided to start up this blog earlier today, I was just planning on posting about my opinion of things, maybe reviews. And also as a holiday project to photograph more. But then I give it more thought, and realized that the things I want to talk about are very girly. Make up, clothes, shopping hauls. Sure there will be things like apps reviewa and music and general art, but the fact that I want to write about make up is pretty astounding. Growing up, I've never been a girly girl at all. Now I buy lots of beauty products and am very concerned about what I wear when I go out. Funny how life turns out.
One thing I still keep in mind, I don't publicly write about my personal life. Just not for me.


well i guess i just need an outlet for my opinions.
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