FONTFUN: Font of The Week - BDMarseille

Well, it's not exactly a week since I featured Silent Reaction, but at least I'm trying to update!
I got a haircut today, feeling especially sassy.
Made a poster and an ID card using this font, and I think this is a really pretty script. Say hi to BDMarseille!

I chose mint green and fuchsia because this font just feels really girly. Nicely legible, which I like. Has some kerning problems, especially after a capital. The periods are barely visible. But I don't mind, it's pretty!
BDMarseille can be downloaded here for free.

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fontfun: Font of The Week - Silent Reaction

I have been procrastinating like craaaazy, including putting off updating my blogs. I have so many posts planned but life (or laziness) gets in the way. Anyway I was making a simple poster for my friend, and used this, and fell in love. Naming this Font of The Week! Maybe I'll be better in updating my blog at least once a week to do a font of the week. Or maybe I'll also do a makeup item of the week, which will probably be a lipstick hahaha

Silent Reaction is an awesome font for titles, because writing things in title case using it just looks so good. For some reason which I cannot fathom, this reminds me of the movie Drive. Love the capital L. But I kinda hate the fact that it doesn't have any punctuations. No full stops, no commas, no exclamation points! I also dislike the way the 'w' looks. Oh well, it's pretty badass anyway.

You can download Silent Reaction here.


Snapshot: The Morning After

The night of Bloc Party, I got home at 12.30 am, and had to wake up at 5.30. Got to class on time (7 am), running on a can of coffee. I still couldn't get over the night before, refused to take off the bracelet, and doodled lyrics on papers all morning.


March 20 was a beautiful night. The last concert I went to was Tame Impala, October 2011. I was craving for some awesome live shows, obviously. Then, came 2013, with all them concerts. The first one was Bloc Party, a band I've always been fond of since junior high.

The Adams opened for them, and they performed beautifully. Took me back to the old pensi days, they're still as awesome as ever. They sang all the songs I love, like Hanya Kau, Konservatif, Berwisata, etc. Berwisata was amazing. People sang along during Konservatif, which was also amazing. They communicate well, and were funny. Great choice for an opening act.

About an hour after The Adams performed, Bloc Party started playing. God, they really brought the party!!! They started with So He Begins To Lie, as usual. Played a lot of songs from Four. Kele was so much fun, danced around, talked, joked and all. Matt Tong was topless, only wearing short shorts. The girls went crazy, of course. The highlights for me were Waiting for 7.18, Octopus, Banquet, Hunting For Witches, This Modern Love, and of course the awesome second encore: Sunday, Like Eating Glass, and the banging closing: Helicopter. They didn't play So Here We Are, I Still Remember, nor The Prayer, so that's kinda a bummer. But I had so much fun, they played GREAT, I headbanged and danced through the night. I was in the frontest row by the way, smack dab in the middle, right in front of Kele. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Next? The Kooks, Blur, and Sigur Ros. Welcome, the year of concerts!

New Toy: Illamasqua Sealing Gel

I won an auction on Female Daily recently, I got these babies for only ~$5! Played with em immediately, since I LOOOVE colored eyeliner. Who knew, coral eyeliner brightens up my eyes!

You can use this to turn any shadow into a gel liner, and/or use this on your brush to use your shadows wet. Stays on really well!

What's in my makeup bag lately.

This is the contents of a makeup bag I bring daily, just in case I need to go somewhere after classes. (No, I don't wear all this to class)
  • Stila's Merry and Bright palette: awesome for travel, sheer but pretty eyeshadows with a pretty Convertible Color
  • The Skin Food Aloe BB Cream: SPF, nice coverage, smooth, light
  • Maybelline The Falsies Mascara: HG. Great curl, lift, volume, length, staying power, and price!
  • Eyelash curler: I got this from Guardian, just some random brand
  • Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder: GREAT oil control
  • Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface: a pretty pink
  • Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey: my perfect MLBB shade, stains bright pink which is awesome. I usually bring a red lipstick too, just in case
  • Etude Drawing Eyebrow Pencil in Grey Brown: fits my brow color nicely
  • NYX Slide On Pencil in Brown Perfection: brown liners are just easy
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Yogurt: for waterline and base
  • Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in Radiant: brightens my undereyes
  • Coastal Scents Tapered Blending Brush: an easy brush
  • Tarte Blush Brush: picks up pigment beautifully
These products allow me to have a pretty and natural look really quick!

Snapshot: Spring on My Feet

New, lacey, blush pink, springy flats from Bershka. I'm so in love with these.

Snapshot: Blue Crush

A swimming pool that looks so refreshing on a hot day in Jakarta.


Old Love Rediscovered

A year ago I wrote about my only luxury item in the beauty department, which was this palette. I loved it because it was Dior, but I thought I wouldn't get much use out of it because the blush seemed too light and I thought I would never use a light pink and light blue eyeshadow. Now I'm exploring eyeshadows a bit more, and I gotta say, I am now ABSOLUTELY in love with this palette. Spring is coming, and I had this urge one night to play with the blue color. Turns out, it's a duochrome!! It's baby blue with a purplish sheen that is super gorgeous when paired with the grey. So very spring. And the pink eyeshadow works beautifully too. I'm really glad I decided to branch out in my eyeshadow choices. I used to wear no eyeshadow or just neutrals, but now I'm loving purples and blues and pinks. Pinks especially! 

I like to wear the baby blue all over my lid with the grey on the crease, lush lashes, peachy cheeks, and coral/pink lips.

Divine texture, no fall out, blends like a dream. Well, it's Dior.

With this post, welcome Spring looks!


Food Blog!

Check out a slew of new posts at my food blog, Eat Adventurously!

Bram's 20th birthday present

February 14 was my lovely man's 20th birthday! I bought him a book on the architecture firm WOHA and made these quotes pretty and framed up for him. This isn't my first foray into the assorted fonts poster, but these are the best looking!

Favorite font in the bunch: Mayonaise (SPACE)!
But I LOVE all of them. Expect a flurry of fontfun posts!

A Few Of My Favorite Things #2

What I'm loving right now.

Top row:
- Vaseline's Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips: I love to layer this over matte lipsticks or any lipsticks at all, because it adds a healthy sheen that isn't too glossed up, and it's does a great job at moisturizing lips. Been using this every night before bed for supple lips the next morning. There's a noticable dent in it now and I'm proud of myself for sticking to it!
- Revlon's Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Quad. I have no idea what the shade is, the label has faded because this quad is pretty old. I just re discovered this beauty and I don't think I can live without it now! The top left color is an awesome all over lid color, and mixed with the top right, it makes a really pretty highlighter for my cheekbones. I use the bottom left for contour under my cheekbones, and the bottom right color is great for crease of smoking out the top colors. So versatile and lovely, it's a shame Revlon discontinued them a long time ago, replacing them with the sub-par 16 hours Colorstay quads.
- Etude's Wonder Pore Freshner. It's a toner that really does wonders. My pores looks smaller, my face is less oily and is smoother. Wonderful stuff!

Bottom row:
- Revlon's Colorburst Lipgloss in Bordeaux + Revlon's Kissable Balm Stain in Crush: perfect pair for a plummy lips. Bordeaux is my all time favorite gloss, and the balm stain has amazing formula. I like these better than the lip butters, which is saying a lot. They're a perfect match for each other!
- Silkygirl's Blush Hour in Honeywood: I love these cheap blushes!!!!! They're really cheap, cheaper than NYX, great pigmentation, excellent texture and blendability. Honeywood is the perfect everyday color, a warm orangey neutral. Staying power is so-so, about 4-5 hours. I'm definitely going to get some more of these babies.
- Revlon's Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti + Revlon's Colorburst Lipgloss in Papaya: such a pretty coral combination! These two are made for each other. Goes so well with Honeywood!

I wish I could wear something like Bordeaux for school hahaha


From George Lois' amazing book, Damn Good Advice. This book inspires me to no end! But for some reason it didn't feel as epiphany-inducing as my all time favorite Austin Kleon's Steal Like An Artist.


Snapshot: Nixon

New watch. 

Burberry Beauty: Pure Gorgeous

I was browsing one of my favorite beauty blogs, The Beauty Look Book, when I came across this image from a long time ago (early 2012 I think). This image just exudes beauty. I get weak on my knees everytime I see Burberry cosmetics!!!!!!! Lip Covers, Sheer Glow blushes, those luxurious neutral shadows........ Never ending lemmings.


Font Fun: Libby and Champagne & Limousines

Lately, I've been loving these two fonts. I just finished a job, a poster for a band audition. I'm looking for something clean, but fun, with a retro touch. I find that Libby and Champagne&Limousines work well together! Libby is a caps only font, with two styles: regular and bold. I used Libby as like the title/headline font, and Champagne as the text. Caviar Dreams look similar.

Caviar Dreams have that distinct 'e' that sets it apart, but look at 'lazy dog'! They look identical!
I love all three, Libby is quickly becoming a favorite. Which reminds me, I need to make a favorites category in my FontBook.

Check out my other posts in the Font Fun series: FontFun


When Julian posted this, I FLIPPED. I've listened to One Way Trigger over and over, still trying to fall in love with Jules' falsetto, but I am head over heels for his regular singing voice that appears at the last one-third of the song. I mean, talk about SEXY.

Jules tweeted this a while ago.
Look, it's Jules and Albert holding hands on a flying car!!!!!
I just died.
(Yes, I love The Strokes.)

What's in My Makeup Pouch?

I figure this will be fun. And it is! Even though the makeup in my pouch rotates a lot, but I'm liking the one I have in this pic. Note that this isn't the pouch that I tote around daily, this is what I bring on daytrips or when I go out of town for a couple of days. Daily, I just bring a compact and lippies (usually more than two because I'm indecisive like that).

Super cute pouch, huh? A friend of my mom custom-made this for me. (I LOVE Hello Kitty).

So what's inside?
  • clinique superpowder double face makeup (I've repurchased this)
  • benefit boi-ing and lemon-aid duo (concealer and primer in one + a small mirror WHAAT)
  • tony moly cherry tint (I find that this tint really works on both lips & cheeks)
  • revlon balm stain in honey (looks MLBB but stains pink, yes!)
  • revlon lip butter in macaroon (favorite lippen nowadays, perfect brownish rose)
  • revlon super lustrous lipstick in berry rich
  • revlon super lustrous lipstick in pink in the afternoon (my perfect pinkish nude)
  • revlon super lustrous lipgloss in cherries in the glow
  • loccitane shea butter lip balm (moisturizing without being slippery and shiny)
  • elf kabuki brush
  • maybelline the falsies mascara (HG without a doubt)
  • nyx jumbo eye pencil in yogurt (for an eyeshadow base and waterline, awesome)
  • sephora glossy gloss in night out
  • revlon wet/dry shadow quad (the lightest shade can be used as a highlighter on my cheekbones!)
  • maybelline gel liner in black (this really stays on all day.)
  • sephora powder blush in coral flush
  • sasa angled blush brush
  • sephora shadow and smudge brush
  • sigma e25 travel size blending brush
  • sasa angled liner brush
  • nyx slide on eyeliner in brown perfection

Update: I now prefer my Tarte bamboo domed blush brush instead of the Sasa one ever since I bought this on FemaleDaily's Mini Beauty Sale for only 80k!!!! So soft and picks up pigment beautifully.


Read This: Steal Like An Artist

This book has caused many epiphanies and has changed my creative life.
Will try to collect my fav parts, take pictures and post!

A Few of My Favorite Things: #1

Top row: Revlon Lip Butters, Lancome's Tonique Douceur, LaBello Milk & Honey, PAC Matte Eyeshadow Single Refill in M. 07
Bottom row: Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips, Sephora Powder Blush in Coral Flush, Clinique Moisture Surge, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Yogurt and Cashmere, Revlon Satin Eyeshadow in Nude Slip

I was playing around with my makeup yesterday and I realized how much I love these things. I can't decide a monthly favorite because it changes so fast and so often, haha.

  1. I'm basically obsessed with Revlon's Lip Butters. I have 7! More on that below.
  2. Tonique Douceur leaves my skin SO velvety smooth. 
  3. LaBello's lip balms are all equally awesome, but Milk & Honey smells soooooooo good.
  4. PAC's a local label that is unexpectedly good, probably because they are used in theatrical productions etc. This matte shadow is amazing, pigmented, smooth, very blendable. An awesome crease color and brow-filler (because the legendary brown Viva brow pencil doesn't work on me)
  5. This tin of Vaseline is cute, classic, and very moisturizing. Very sheer, doesn't do much at all in tinting my lips. But the moisture is great! I use this instead of the LaBello if I want a slight sheen, usually over my matte lipsticks.
  6. One word: pretty. This blush is so natural, reminds me of NARS' infamous Orgasm, but it's kinda better, because Orgasm doesn't show up on me. The shimmer doesn't translate on my cheeks, just a lovely sheen. It's like instant beauty.
  7. Every girl needs moisturesurge. Nuff said. (Hydrating, smooth, natural finish)
  8. JEPs!!! Amazing as a base for shimmery shadows (my favorite kind of shadow) and stays all day as a waterline highlighter. Too bad it creases really badly when used on its own as an all-over color. Cashmere is gold-toned, Yogurt is pink-toned.
  9. Awesome eyeshadow from Revlon! Just apply this all over your lid, add mascara, done! Brightens your eyes instantly without looking overdone.

Focus: Lip Butters!

Moisturizing, looks natural, easy to use, comes in 20 colors, I love em so much.

From left:
  1. Pink Truffle (MLBB color, a rose brown)
  2. Macaroon (one of my faves, a brownish pink with gold shimmer)
  3. Sugar Plum (sheer plum)
  4. Lollipop (bright blue-based fuchsia with silver shimmer)
  5. Tutti Frutti (orange)
  6. Candy Apple (another favorite, sheer orange-red)
  7. Red Velvet (an awesome sheer-ish brown-based red)

Next on my list? Raspberry Pie, Cherry Tart, Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie!


Hi, I'm a makeup junkie

Remember my so-called makeup collection back in February 2012? I actually realize how much my collection has grown because I posted this pic back then in this blog.

I said that was 75% of my collection. Whatttt, I only have like what, 20-30 items. And my lip products post!!

I almost cannot believe that there was a time when I only have around 10 lippies. Guess how many I have now?

Well, Attika is a full fledged makeup junkie now.

It's been almost a year from the time I posted those posts. A couple of weeks ago I just finished reorganizing my overflowing drawer, and took some picture to keep count of my stuff. My friends call me insane, hahaha. I deserve it. It's a hobby, something that I love and am passionate about. I just love talking about makeup. Ultimately, my take on makeup is makeup isn't supposed to cover or change what you have, it's all about enchancing your natural beauty. It's also insane that I used to abhor any kind of makeup, I don't even use sunscreen. That was when I was in junior high. And now, being 20 years old, I figure it's time for me to venture to the world that is beauty. And man, I was hooked.

I look up to my mother for skincare. She has amazing skin. She's about a shade or two fairer than me, which enables her to wear brighter pinks and paler corals. She insisted that I should have a working skincare routine by now. And now I am very comfortable with mine. Basically what I do is I rotate two scrubs, Neutrogena's blackhead control and Clinique's 7-day Scrub Cream. After gently scrubbing my face (which I do every other day), I wash my face with Clinique's Mild Liquid Facial Soap. Pat my face with a clean towel, and apply Lancome's Tonique Douceur. This toner works wonders. It smells really nice, and leaves my face with a hydrated, soft feel. At night, I don't put anymore moisturizer, but at daytime, I use Clinique's Moisture Surge (amazing stuff, dries down to a velvety matte finish) and my Erha sunscreen. I preach at my friends a lot about the importance of sunscreen, especially after studying dermatology for 6 weeks. I love dermatology. And then I finish with my powder/powder foundation of choice, which is either Revlon's Colorstay Aqua in Fair Medium or Clinique's Superpowder Double Face Makeup in Matte Beige.

The base is done, now, time for other lovely stuff!

My blushes.
Clockwise from top left.
- NYX's Dusty Rose. This is a berry shade, very pigmented and finely milled. I love this, used lightly and blended out.
- Sephora's Powder Blush in Coral Flush. My favorite blush right now. It's a lovely coral shade with gold shimmer, looks very natural.
- NYX's Mosaic Powder in Dare. It has three bronzer shades and two blush shades, which swirled together creates a lovely peachy cheeks.
- Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface. This is a mini, because the full size is expensive and I just want to try one. This is as pretty as everyone else says, a perfect blush to go to class because it's not obvious and soft. I don't mind it being a mini at all, I won't finish a full size anyway.
- Revlon Powder Blushes in Pink Blush and Pink Peony. I love both of them, nice color, natural, cheap, blendable.
Not pictured is my recently acquired Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush. I'm in love with it! It's a cream/gel cheek stain, I just swipe it on my cheeks and blend with my fingers. It looks so natural and dewy. A definite staple for easy everyday looks for days you don't wanna try too hard.

My eye stuff.
Not everything I own is in this picture I think, I just bought a new Revlon single eyeshadow in Nude Slip, which is the perfect lid color.
(from left, per row)
1st row (far left)
- Loreal Infallible in Hourglass Beige: oh God I love this, so so creamy and pigmented. Brightens my eyes amazingly.
- Make Up Store Microshadow in Old Gold: favorite gold shadow. Very pigmented and blendable, the color is a muted, darker gold which looks really good for a crease color with a bright gold on lid or matte beige.
2nd row
- Maybelline gel liner in black: great staying power, stays put on lid and tightline though sweat, tears, water, and the occasional rubbing. 
- Loreal Infallible in Endless Chocolate: deep chocolate brown. Again, love.
- Lovely Meex single shadow: I don't know what the shade is, it's just a very shimmery silvery champagne color. I love the color, but this shadow has quite a bit of fall out.
3rd row
- Rimmel Glam'Eyes HD quad in English Oak: ehmagawwwdddd favorite quad ever. SO SO pigmented and smooth. The colors are all shimmery but dont make me look like a discoball. Works really well together, blendable. My only problem with this is the design, the smaller colors are hard to reach. Shame, because the copper is to die for.
- two Revlon wet/dry eyeshadow quads: these two are old, but are still great! I've never tried applying them wet, but works nice dry. The first one has a matte color that is perfect for the browbone.
4th row
- Missha quad: this is a  gift from my Mom from Korea, they're actually quite nice, but I haven't used it much.
- Sephora quad: this is SO old. and useless. So chalky, powdery, not much pigment at all, a pain to apply. I'll probably throw this away soon.
- Silkygirl duo: I bought this when I was looking for a navy blue eyeshadow to match my prom dress, but didn't end up using it. Pigmentation is there, but it's a bit powdery. Not too bad for the price.
5th row:
- NYX eyeshadow base in white: nice, good staying power, prevents creasing and fading, but right now I stick to Benefit's Lemon-Aid or NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils as base. The JEPs are really good for shimmery shadows.
- Sephora palette in Smoky Black (I think that's the name of it): quite nice, bought it because I don't really have any grey or dark shadows. The black is great for lining.
- Revlon 12-hour Colorstay quad in Blushing Wine: I love this for everyday, it's kinda sheer, but the colors are really pretty. Very flimsy packaging though, I broke this one already.

More eye stuff.
(left to right)
- Maybelline the Falsies: the only mascara I've ever repurchased. Lengthens, gives volume without being too dramatic. Holds curl, amazingly waterproof, stays aaaaaall day. 
- a mini Lancome Hypnose: great mascara, nice big brush, holds curl, waterproof, looks natural. Would love to purchase a full size but it's way out of my budget, obviously.
- Revlon Big Brush Mascara: I bought this one out of desperation, just got back from the US, I ran out of my old mascara (I think it was Maybelline's Define-A-Lash), I was at the Revlon counter, bought whatever they had. This one doesn't do anything to my lashes. Just coats them with black mascara, no length, no volume. Doesn't hold curl, sorta waterproof. Very wet formula, gets all over lid when applying. 
- Maybelline Hypercurl Cat Eyes: whoa, drama! Volumizes, lengthens, so much, it's really awesome. It sometimes make my lashes stick together though, so I use a lash comb after applying this.
- Max Factor False Lash Effect: as dramatic as Cat Eyes, but wetter and looks more natural. I actually will like this better than Cat Eyes if this isn't so wet.
- a liquid eyeliner from Saudi Arabia: amazing. But the pen dries very quickly, now mine's unusable.
- my NYX JEPs!! One's missing though, Strawberry Milk. This is Rust, Yogurt, and Cashmere. Rust creases SO badly on me, even with primer and set with powder. Yogurt and Cashmere performs better, and are great as bases for shimmery shadows and for the waterline. Stays on all day!
- another random pencil khol from Arab
- Rimmel Eye Definer in gold: I never really use it, but good for waterline
- NYX Retractable: the color is teal I think, cute color but no staying power, smudges away in about 3 hours w/o primer.
- NYX Slide On in Brown Perfection: awesome, waterproof, smudgeproof, stays for about 8 hours before fading.
- Garnier eye roll: pretty refreshing, but doesn't do anything for my dark circles
- Topshop crayon in Sunshower and Whisper: my HGs for a long time, before they got discontinued. TEARS! The new version doesn't have Whisper, which breaks my heart, and needs to be sharpened. Sadface.
- Revlon pencil eyeliner: pretty good, average staying power, waterproof, smudges a tiny bit.

And now, behold.....

my lip stuff.
A bit crazy. I don't think I can write about every single one of them because I'll kill my fingers that way. Let's just write a little about 'em.
I have.... 
- 5 Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks
- 7 Revlon Lip Butters
- 2 Revlon Colorburst glosses
- 3 Revlon Super Lustrous glosses
- 2 Revlon Kissable Balm Stains
- 3 Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Stains
- and lots more, obviously.

- Favorite lipstick: Lip Butter in Macaroon (this changes a lot but right now it's Macaroon because of its versatility)
- Favorite red: MAC's Chili
- Favorite pink/berry: Revlon SL in Berry Rich
- Favorite nude: MAC's Fanfare (peachy), Revlon SL in Pink in The Afternoon (pinkish), Clinique's Creamy Nude (true nude)
- Favorite gloss: Revlon Colorburst in Bordeaux
- Favorite lip balm: LaBello Milk & Honey and Vaseline's Lip Therapy Rosy Lips
- Favorite lip stain: Topshop's Lip Marker in Popsicle and Rimmel's 1000 Kisses Stain in Plum Perfect
- Favorite lipstick formula: Dior Addict Extreme

Anyway I love blabbering about my collection but this post took me three days to finish, what? I just like doing these posts so maybe a year later I can look back and reminisce ;--)

the neverending wishlist: neutral eyeshadows

There is this note in my phone that says "Makeup Lustlist", a list that constantly changes and gets bigger. I want SO many things it's insane. Lately I'm just getting into eyeshadow, especially neutral ones. I like my lipsticks so I tend to tone down my face to spotlight my lips, that's why I'm so crazy about neutral eyeshadows. A normal person would look at my stash and say that I have enough for about 3 years. But I need more and more and more I don't think it's healthy. But I love every second of my addiction, hahaha

Anyway, back to neutral shadows. Of course, there's always the infamous Naked series from Urban Decay. Not that I don't love them, but I don't know, they don't speak to me the way the other palettes do. They don't scream "Tika buy me!!!!! I'm perfect!!!". They are really really pretty, sure. But I don't know, the endless reviews and raves from people kinda take out the adventure of trying out a new palette. UD's shadows are incredibly pigmented and soft, but in fact I'm more interested in their Feminine or Vegan palettes. I'm so drawn to Too Faced's palettes lately. I'm trying to save up now to buy some higher quality shadows, and not prioritize quantity.

This is my neverending wishlist: neutral eyeshadow palettes edition.

1. Too Faced's Natural Eye
Isn't it pretty? SO pretty. I played with them a bit in Singapore and the shadows are so buttery and pigmented. And I love all the colors, very wearable. Serious contender.

2. Too Faced's Natural at Night

And I'm very torn between the Natural and Natural at Night. These called out to me a bit more, the chocolates look gorgeous!

3. Benefit's Most Glamorous Nudes

Seriously, how am I supposed to handle a palette that has cream shadows in it? Especially Benefit's Creaseless Creams?? And the shade It's Complicated is to die for.

4. theBalm's Nude 'Tude
*sighs* too many pretty palettes. This is a really good one, too.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills' She Wears It Well

This is just a really well put together palette, so pretty.

5. LORAC's Unzipped

LORAC's eyeshadows are very high quality, and these shades are gorgeous.

6. Stila's In The Light
This palette has Kitten, Stila's oh-so-famous shadow. And I think it incorporates pretty colors that isn't just neutrals but still neutral, y'know?

7. Make Up Academy's Undressed Palette
This pretty palette costs 4 pounds. FOUR!!! Based on the reviews, it's great quality, too. Ehmagawwwdd.

See how I can't decide between all my choices. I'll think a lot about this because (except the MUA) this will definitely be a splurge.

Oh, Spring Couture.

It's that time of the year again. When we scroll through pretty pictures of even prettier clothes from spring couture shows. Every year, I look forward to seeing Dior's and Valentino's pieces the most, because their exorbitant amount of pretty! This year, Valentino took my breath away.

This red dress is my absolute favorite piece. Look at the way it flows. It's breathtaking. Really, nobody does a red dress better than Valentino.

A couple that I like from Dior

The other pieces are pretty, but these made me gasp. I just want to touch them all!!!


Singapore Christmas Trip: National Museum of Singapore Through Hipstamatic

I'm so not a history gal. But Bram recommended this to me and I love museums so I visited. This museum is gorgeous. The collections are displayed beautifully, very nice architecture. My favorite is the food collection. There's even an ice cream cart! And I especially like the herbs jars. My heart longs for the day Indonesia can have a National Museum this beautiful.

Singapore Christmas Trip: Singapore Art Museum Through Hipstamatic

I find my trip so inspiring. Look at those artworks! I especially loved the two Indonesian artists that made Conversation Piece and Bibliotea. So smart. These pics are from the Singapore Art Museum and SAM on 8Q.