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Since I was in junior high, I always thought I would go into the creative industry. I dreamed of jobs in fashion, being a stylist or a visual merchandiser, a job that I still covet even now. As I get older, that dream evolved into the desire to dwell in the lovely field of graphic design, advertising, and publication. My love for magazines lead to the dream of becoming an art director. And oh, advertising. The world of ultimate creativity. I still think that advertising is a very intricate field, combining disciplines to create beautiful work. Going to malls, I absolutely love seeing people in coffee shops fiddling with their laptops, creating something pretty, or even meeting with clients and colleagues. They always dress so sharply, yet conveying the image that they are artistic and creative. Now that I am a medical student, I'm still not sure where to put away those dreams. I tried suppressing them, but they'll only come back fiercer. Medicine is far from the dreams I had for years. Even though now I'm starting to realize that I enjoy medical school, I still yearn for all those creative work. 
I can't draw, I can't sketch, I can't illustrate to save my life. Which is sad. So I decided that I will just load my brain with knowledge about art, and curate something, be it a blog or a simple mood board. Will try to dedicate at least an hour in a week for art. Will dedicate holidays for art. And be a good med student/slave always.
Who knows, I might be the doctor who juggles clinical work and curating a gallery.


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