Looks I Love: J Crew

I have always loved J Crew since my year in the US. I only have one item from them, which is my hip-slung denim shorts I got at their outlet in San Antonio. Yup, couldn't afford their pretty things. But I still scour their site for inspiration. This image is so so so pretty. The make up? Flawless! That sweater is so deliciously colored. What else did I find in their site?

I don't think I would wear this in real life, but this is really retro pretty.

Ugh so in love. If I were that skinny I would wear it in a heartbeat. Love the lemony color in the skirt and bag, fresh and it basically screams spring.

Should really find a yellow skirt and pair it with something striped.

Yeah, I would look that happy too if I'm wearing an outfit that gorgeous.

Perfect weekend outfit. Those heels are so punchy.

Um why isn't that outfit in my closet right now? Very spring.

Something I'd wear everyday to school. Cheeeeeeerful.

Yes, I love J Crew, so much.


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