Alright, alright. First thing first: lip products!!!

Oh, lippies. From clear balms to bright pink lipsticks. I hate glosses though, I just hate the feel and the way the shine makes my big lips look even bigger. But I love the color some glosses have! Of course they look horrendous on me. Yesterday I met the gloss of my dreams tho, it's a Kiehl's lip gloss in Golden Berry. It was so gorgeous, tried it on the counter, but after an hour it started feeling gross on my lips, like there were white stuff on the insides of my lips. Ah, me and glosses are just not meant to be. Besides, glosses are a bit too much for school anyway, dontchathink?

Anyway, enough about glosses! This is my lips collection, only missing one member, which is my beloved Kiehl's lip balm with spf 15 in hue 58B. The balm has a shine to it but not too much, and the color is perfect to just enhance my natural lip color.

From left to right in the left picture:
my FAVORITE Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Rose (does wonders to moisturize&color my lips)
Lip Smacker's Strawberry Fanta balm (tastes so good, colorless)
Revlon in Coming Up Roses (looks crazy pink but I wear it sheered out, has some kind of balm in the center)
basic Strawberry Lip Ice (love the scent and tingly menthol sensation, super cheap)
Maybelline Baby Lips in Berry (makes lips super soft!)
Revlon in Pink in The Afternoon (hands down my favorite shade of lipstick ever)
Maybelline balm in Mandarin (kinda orangey in color, glossy, I don't wear it too much)
Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Creamy Nude (a gift from my mom's friend, too pale for my already-pale-without-makeup face so I mix it with my pinks)
Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey (I cannot stress enough how much I am obsessed with this cult favorite)


Sorry, bad picture.
Left to right:
Black Honey! The color is so flattering, kind of a brown with a tinge of warm berry.
Burt's Bees! yup, gorge.
Coming Up Roses: really pink, but looks really pretty sheered out over a clear balm
Maybelline in Mandarin: meh, glossy orangey sheer color
Clinique's Creamy Nude: it's very creamy and glides so nicely, very mixable
Revlon's Pink in The Afternoon: the prettiest shade of pink.

So what I do for school is I just put on some of the Kiehl's, but now that I have the Burt's Bees I will definitely use that. I reaaaaallly want Sugar's tinted lip balm and Clinique's Chubby Sticks but they are so expensive! For a date with the boyfriend, I'd put on Black Honey or a sheer layer of Coming Up Roses or a bit of Pink In The Afternoon over Baby Lips. Fancier night I'll mix the nude with a bit of Coming Up Roses. I always wear balm under my lipsticks!

A bit obsessed about lip products now, need lots of money hahaha


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