Tods D-Bag in NEONS???

from bagsnob.com
Tods is and has always been the purveyor of classics. Quality leather, no-fuss designs, timeless luxury. But as I peruse my favorite handbags site, bagsnob.com, I found out two things:
1. Derek Lam is now leading Tods
and 2. they are doing these sweet sweet bags.
For a college student like me, of course these aren't affordable. But my mom would probably faint from seeing these. It's yellow. And they're snake skin!!! It costs more than 2000 dollars, so that means I will never get my hands on them, even my mom would think that's expensive. But still, I can't get over how beautiful they are. Very very spring. I have a feeling that I'll fall head over heels for Spring '12.


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