the neverending wishlist: neutral eyeshadows

There is this note in my phone that says "Makeup Lustlist", a list that constantly changes and gets bigger. I want SO many things it's insane. Lately I'm just getting into eyeshadow, especially neutral ones. I like my lipsticks so I tend to tone down my face to spotlight my lips, that's why I'm so crazy about neutral eyeshadows. A normal person would look at my stash and say that I have enough for about 3 years. But I need more and more and more I don't think it's healthy. But I love every second of my addiction, hahaha

Anyway, back to neutral shadows. Of course, there's always the infamous Naked series from Urban Decay. Not that I don't love them, but I don't know, they don't speak to me the way the other palettes do. They don't scream "Tika buy me!!!!! I'm perfect!!!". They are really really pretty, sure. But I don't know, the endless reviews and raves from people kinda take out the adventure of trying out a new palette. UD's shadows are incredibly pigmented and soft, but in fact I'm more interested in their Feminine or Vegan palettes. I'm so drawn to Too Faced's palettes lately. I'm trying to save up now to buy some higher quality shadows, and not prioritize quantity.

This is my neverending wishlist: neutral eyeshadow palettes edition.

1. Too Faced's Natural Eye
Isn't it pretty? SO pretty. I played with them a bit in Singapore and the shadows are so buttery and pigmented. And I love all the colors, very wearable. Serious contender.

2. Too Faced's Natural at Night

And I'm very torn between the Natural and Natural at Night. These called out to me a bit more, the chocolates look gorgeous!

3. Benefit's Most Glamorous Nudes

Seriously, how am I supposed to handle a palette that has cream shadows in it? Especially Benefit's Creaseless Creams?? And the shade It's Complicated is to die for.

4. theBalm's Nude 'Tude
*sighs* too many pretty palettes. This is a really good one, too.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills' She Wears It Well

This is just a really well put together palette, so pretty.

5. LORAC's Unzipped

LORAC's eyeshadows are very high quality, and these shades are gorgeous.

6. Stila's In The Light
This palette has Kitten, Stila's oh-so-famous shadow. And I think it incorporates pretty colors that isn't just neutrals but still neutral, y'know?

7. Make Up Academy's Undressed Palette
This pretty palette costs 4 pounds. FOUR!!! Based on the reviews, it's great quality, too. Ehmagawwwdd.

See how I can't decide between all my choices. I'll think a lot about this because (except the MUA) this will definitely be a splurge.


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