March 20 was a beautiful night. The last concert I went to was Tame Impala, October 2011. I was craving for some awesome live shows, obviously. Then, came 2013, with all them concerts. The first one was Bloc Party, a band I've always been fond of since junior high.

The Adams opened for them, and they performed beautifully. Took me back to the old pensi days, they're still as awesome as ever. They sang all the songs I love, like Hanya Kau, Konservatif, Berwisata, etc. Berwisata was amazing. People sang along during Konservatif, which was also amazing. They communicate well, and were funny. Great choice for an opening act.

About an hour after The Adams performed, Bloc Party started playing. God, they really brought the party!!! They started with So He Begins To Lie, as usual. Played a lot of songs from Four. Kele was so much fun, danced around, talked, joked and all. Matt Tong was topless, only wearing short shorts. The girls went crazy, of course. The highlights for me were Waiting for 7.18, Octopus, Banquet, Hunting For Witches, This Modern Love, and of course the awesome second encore: Sunday, Like Eating Glass, and the banging closing: Helicopter. They didn't play So Here We Are, I Still Remember, nor The Prayer, so that's kinda a bummer. But I had so much fun, they played GREAT, I headbanged and danced through the night. I was in the frontest row by the way, smack dab in the middle, right in front of Kele. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Next? The Kooks, Blur, and Sigur Ros. Welcome, the year of concerts!


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