I think I only have three favorite places for pizza. Red Tomato for their HEAVENLY creamy mushroom pizza, Sopra which has AH-MAZING pizza, but I can't find good pictures online and I figure I should go eat there again before I write a review, and Y&Y, whose pizzas are TO DIE FOR. Yes I tend to use superlatives a lot in describing my favorite food haha this post is dedicated to two of the best pizzas I've ever had, Y&Y's Minced Wagyu pizza and Cheese pizza.

The wagyu is the part on the left. It's decorated with zigzagging chili mayo, and trust me, it's probably the best chili mayo you'll ever have.

That's the quite crappy pic I took of the cheese pizza.
Let's start with the wagyu. As you can see from my last post about Holycow, I LOVE wagyu. Suatu hari, pasien ibu gue ngebawain pizza wagyu ini. Dan gue jatuh cinta se jatuh cinta jatuh cintanya gue sama seloyang pizza. Pizzanya thin crusted, tipis, crunchy, dan wagyunya banyak. Kejunya nggak ngalahin rasa wagyunya, which is important, dan mayo nya itu lho. Oh, chili mayo, you've never tasted this good. Semuanya pas. Saat disajiin di restoran, ada lettuce diatasnya, kayak di cheese pizza itu. Semuanya membuat rasanya jadi pas. Wagyunya, being wagyu, lembut dan juicy, spices yang membumbui pizza ini sangat mendukung rasa dari wagyu. Tekstur, rasa, warna, semuanya perfect.
Cheese pizza!! Gue emang dasarnya sangat suka cheese only pizza. Dan weekend kemarin, gue lagi lunch cantik dengan teman2 cewek gue, dan temen gue Ajeng memesan cheese pizza ini. Gue ga ada harapan tinggi, secara cuma cheese pizza. Tapi saat gue mencicipi............daaayuummm. Tipis, crunchy, tapi kejunya sangat substantial. Rasanya entah kenapa lebih nikmat daripada cheese pizza biasa dari, say, Pizza Hut. Mungkin karena tipis jadi rasanya pas dan ga overwhelming. Apalagi kalo dicelup tartar sauce milik fish and chips haha pokoknya the best cheese pizza EVAAARRR.
Kalo lo suka pizza yang tebel dan fluffy, this is not for you. Kalo lo suka pizza yang lebih fancy dan lebih asyik, lebih enak, lebih segalanya, tancap bro!!!

photos aren't mine, found it off google.


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