WHERE TO EAT: Pacific Place

Hi! I'll be having a series of posts of where to eat in malls, and for the first in a series, it'll be about my second home, Pacific Place.
Pacific Place is a mall located in Sudirman Central Business District, right smack dab in the heart of South Jakarta. And 3 minutes to where I live. hahaha I go here everyday almost, sometimes more than once. I know this mall like the back of my hand, especially its restaurant.

okay, so first up! where do I eat when I want a light snack? I would love to say Subway, but that only happens in my dreams, because for some reason people don't eat a lot of sandwiches here thus resulting in the complete lack of Subways in Jakarta. So instead, I'll go to Kemchicks on the first basement to grab fresh turkey sandwiches or a tub of broccoli salad. Their deli section is outstanding, in jakarta's standards. It's SO INCREDIBLY hard to get a turkey sandwich here. Like you have no idea. So I was so happy when Kemchick's has it, seasoned with honey mustard just the way I like it. It will be even better with a slice of mozarella or a smear of cranberry though, but still. And their salads are good too! You can mix em in a bowl, they have broccoli salad, coleslaw, smoked beef and eggs, fruit salad, huzaren salad, and some more. They also have fresh greens with some toppings and various dressings.
Next stop, where's the perfect place for a healthy, guilt-free lunch? One answer for y'all: PURE. It's this organic restaurant on the 5th floor, beside Fitness First.

I was a bit skeptical about organic and healthy stuff, but it turns out they have quite a wide selection of food. I'm a HUUGE fish person, and I am very picky about how well my fish is cooked. For me, fish is tricky. It has to be perfectly cooked otherwise it'll be too squishy or too hard. But I love raw fish. I ordered the salmon and pasta, the salmon was awesome, pasta was awesome. Then another day I ordered the other fish with mashed potatoes, and it was awesome too. The vegetables were divine. And everybody must try their Yoguberry. It's this concoction of yogurt, berries, and some jell-o, and man was it good. The whole experience was just really light and feel-good. The best thing is I felt healthier after eating and not heavy and full of guilt.
If you want something heavier for lunch, you have SOOO many choices!!! My favorite is Sanpachi Ramen. I always order the Miso Ramen, and that's for a reason. It's practically the BEST ramen i've ever had. I seasoned it right, with a lot of spices and some butter, so the soup is heavenly and the noodles... oh those noodles. They have the perfect texture and thickness and density. My favorite noodles in a mall. (My absolute unshakable favorite is from Mandala restaurant, a chinese place that has been around since my mom was a kid) They have delicious gyoza, too.
Afternoon tea? You can never go wrong with Ya Kun Kaya Toast!!! Order their Traditional Kaya Toast, Yummy Cheezy Toast, with either their Teh or Kopi. The milk in their beverages are sooooooo good. I love them to death.
Best place for dinner is Sopra. This Italian place right above Coffee Bean is so good, it deserves its own post. Let's just say they have the best pasta in town and I'll leave it at that, and wait for my post completely dedicated to it. Its only weakness is its terrible Tiramisu. Shame, shame, shame.
Because Sopra has mediocre dessert, you better grab a couple cream puffs from the best, Beard Papa!! Get my favorite, the cookie pastry with vanilla cream. Their cream filling, there is nothing better than that creamy, sweet, light, cool, just completely beautiful filling.
Well, that's a day in the life of Attika in Pacific Place. I actually have done all that in a day.........that's how much I devote my life to this mall.
Stay tuned for the next mall!

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